The Stabbington Brothers
Stabbington Brothers
Vital statistics
Title The Stabbington Brothers
Gender Male
Film Tangled (2010)

Tangled Forever After (2010)

TV Shows Tangled: The Series
Video Game N/A
Status Alive
Alignment Bad, later neutral
Hair Color Both Red
Eye Color Both Blue
Family Each Other
Friends/Allies Mother Gothel (formerly)
Neutral N/A
Rivals N/A
Enemies Flynn Rider, Rapunzel Corona, Maximus, Royal Guard of Corona
Likes Riches, revenge, weddings
Dislikes Traitors, the guards, Flynn's arrogance
The Stabbington Brothers' are a pair of villain henchman from Disney's 2010 film Tangled.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Stabbington Brothers Poster

Wanted Poster

The Stabbington brothers are identical twins; although the other one doesn't talk throughout the whole movie. One has a mutton chops, wears green and has a sword strapped to his back; and the other one wears all black, has an eye-patch and wields a dagger strapped to his hip.


While prone to fits of anger, the brothers are shown to be softspoken and calm when on the job. They become annoyed with distractions (like when Eugene - whom they know as "Flynn Rider" - daydreams of owning his own castle) and are willing to kill to get the job done.

The Brothers at Eugen and Rapunzel's wedding

A softer side is shown when the two cry at Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding (despite being in shackles).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As normal human beings, the two possess no superhuman or magical abilites. Despite this, they are shown to be in peak physical condition. They are shown to be incredibly durable, being able to knock out the guard that was looking after them with a headbutt, despite the soldier wearing a helmet. They possess skills commonly found in rogues and thieves, including lock-picking and stealth skills, as they were able to make it to the top of the castle without detection. 


As bandits, both of the brothers are shown to weild a collection of knifes and daggers, though the one without the eyepatch is seen with a sword.

Role in the CrossoverEdit



Pitch BlackEdit

Mother GothelEdit

The brothers would most likely see Mother Gothel as an untrustworthy witch, as she outwitted them during the events of Tangled. However, it is likely that with her charms, the witch could beguile them into helping her cause

Red DeathEdit



Rapunzel CoronaEdit

Having had an interest in Rapunzel during the movie Tangled for her magical hair, the brothers would likely no longer see her as something of value and ignore her. However, it is possible they would use her to take vengeance on Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert, as they hold a grudge against him

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