There's that smile.
―Queen Tara

Queen Tara is the queen of Moonhaven, life of the forest and one of the most powerful characters in the 2013 Epic.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Like the leafmen, Tara looks like a human being, but is so small that she is undetectable by the human eye. Her skin, hair and eyes are all brown colored, and she is seen wearing a green and white dress made from leaves and white flower petals.


Tara is very determined to serve her people well and will do anything to protect the forest and it's inhabitants, even if it means risking her life. Tara is also very graceful, even in the midst of battle. Despite the pressures on her as ueen, she is very calm and quite optimistic, and is determined to put a smile on everyone's face (especially Ronin's) whenever she can.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As Queen, Tara is the physical personification of life and growth in the forest. She has the power to control parts of trees, such as roots and branches, with her actions and mind. When she walks on water, it is shown that leaves and the small lily pads have a tendency to move towards her feet. The exact limitations of her powers are unclear, but it is stated that she could regrow an entire forest with the wave of her hands. Though it is clear she has enhanced longivity (since the ceremony occurs every 100 years), it is shown that she is not invulnerable, becoming nothing but moss after an arrow imbedded into her side. Her essence lived on in the pod, revealing herself after the pod blooms.

In context with the fandom, Queen Tara's powers could originate from the Man in the Moon, since the moonlight casted on the pod is what bestows her powers onto another living being.

Role in the CrossoverEdit

Because Tara's dominion is relegated to the forest, her appearance (or at least presence) is usually relegated to Moonhaven. It is quite possible, both in their similarities and possibe continuity between The Leafmen and Guardians of Childhood, that Queen Tara may have a connection with Emily Jane Pitchiner, AKA Mother Nature.




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Queen Tara and Mandrake apply to one another as the opposing forces of life and death in the forest. While Tara believes that the two working in harmony provide balance, Mandrake feels that their establishment is a sign of arrogance, and that he hopes to destroy everything and reign supreme.

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