Prince Hugo
Prince Hugo 2
Vital statistics
Title Baby Bro (by Axel)
Gender Male
Film N/A
TV Shows Sofia the First
Video Game N/A
Status Alive
Alignment Bad, later Good
Hair Color Dark Brown Right-Parted Hair
Eye Color Hazel
Family Prince Axel (older brother), Unnamed father, Unnamed uncle, Unnamed grandfather
Friends/Allies Princess Amber, Princess Clio, Princess Hildegard,
Neutral N/A
Rivals N/A
Enemies Princess Sofia (formerly), Prince James (fomerly), Minimus (formerly), Vaughan and Vance
Likes Winning, flying derby, Princess Sofia (love interest), being taken seriously, ice dancing, helping Sofia whenever she needs him
Dislikes Princesses in the flying derby (formerly), Princess Sofia (formerly), losing, having his buttons pushed, being made fun of, breaking promises, bottling up his feelings
Prince Hugo is a prince and the best flying horse racer from Sofia the First.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Prince Hugo has fair skin, hazel eyes, and dark brown right-parted hair. He usually wears flying derby gear, such as black riding boots and a black helmet. He wears a red and black vertically striped vest over a long sleeved white shirt with a high collar and a white ascot. He also wears slim gray pants. However, in his season 2 debut, he was seen wearing a black jacket, a tan vest, and a red bow tie.

In "The Shy Princess", Hugo is seen in his flying derby practice clothes but without his black helmet.


Role in the CrossoverEdit