Omega Supreme
Omega-Supreme WFC
Vital statistics
Title Omega
Gender Male
Film N/A
TV Shows N/A
Video Game Transformers: War For Cybertron
Status Online
Alignment Good
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color orange
Family N/A
Friends/Allies Autobots
Neutral N/A
Rivals N/A
Enemies Decepticons
Likes Fighting Decepticons, being repair
Dislikes Decepticons, failure, being damage
Omega Supreme is the mightiest Autobot of them all, striking fear into the sparks of almost every Decepticon. He functions with both: the being the last line of defense for Iacon, the Autobot capitol, guardian of the gateway to the Core of Cybertron and the Omega Key, which opens the passage to the Core, Omega Supreme is near-unstoppable in battle, relentless in his mission, and fearless in the face of danger.


Omega Supreme is both one of the most powerful Autobots ever to live and the key to the Core of Cybertron.

As a Guardian of Cybertron, Omega Supreme is a conduit for the very energy of the machine world. He prefers to remain quiet and still, aloof from the petty conflict of the Autobots and the Decepticons. But when the safety of his world is threatened, he awakens, and the mighty arsenal at his command shakes the foundations of the planet.

His veichle mode is a Cybertronian Ship, He has no Earth veichle mode since he has been in sleeping stasis until he was awakened use of the fake Omega Key.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Role in the CrossoverEdit


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