Vital statistics
Title Molt, Tiny
Gender Male
Film A Bug's Life (1998)
TV Shows N/A
Video Game A Bug's Life
Status Alive
Alignment Bad/Neutral, later good
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Brown
Family Unnamed mother (deceased), Hopper (older brother;deceased)
Friends/Allies Unknown: Axel and Loco, the Grasshoppers
Currently: Circus Bugs, P.T. Flea, Flik, Princess Sofia, Optimus Prime, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Rapunzel Corona, Merida DunBroch, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, Giselle
Neutral N/A
Rivals N/A
Enemies Formerly: Flik, Circus Bugs, P.T. Flea, other heroes and heroines
Likes Food, telling the story of how Hopper was almost eaten, the circus, working for P.T. Flea
Dislikes Hopper's attitude towards him, the ants rebelling
And the birds eat the grasshoppers. Hey, like the one that nearly ate you, you remember? you remember? Oh, you should've seen it. The blue jay... He has him halfway down his throat, okey? And Hopper... Hopper's kickin' and screamin', okey? And I'm scared, okey? I'm not goin' anywhere near, okey? Aw, come on. It's a great story.

Molt is the former tertiary antagonist of Disney/Pixar's 1998 film A Bug's Life. He is Hopper's younger brother and a former member of the grasshoppers.


Molt is Hopper's younger brother and the self-proclaimed Vice President of the grasshopper gang - although nobody believes that but him. Fat, gullible, and loud-mouthed, but essentially good-hearted and honest, Molt got his name due to the fact that his chitlin armor molts off in flakes. He regularly infuriates Hopper to the point that Hopper told Molt early in the film that if he hadn't promised Mother on her deathbed that he wouldn't kill Molt, he would kill him.

Molt often tries to be scary, but he's never taken seriously, partly because he is so submissive to the genuinely terrifying Hopper.

Molt started out as a supporting antagonist, but in the end he reformed and joined the circus.


Role in the CrossoverEdit