Miss Nettle
331px-Miss Nettle22
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Female
Film N/A
TV Shows Sofia the First
Video Game N/A
Status Alive
Alignment Evil, later Good
Hair Color Puffy strawberry-blonde hair
Eye Color Cyan eyes
Family N/A
Friends/Allies Rosey, King Henrik, Princess Hildegard
Neutral N/A
Rivals N/A
Enemies Princess Sofia (formerly), Prince James, Prince Desmond, Flora, Fauna and Merryweather, Prof. Popov, Cedric the Sorcerer, Olaf (formerly)
Likes Being praised and applauded, showing off, getting what she wants, using her magic on others at their expense, credit, being appreciated
Dislikes Losing her magic, not getting her way
Miss Nettle is an ambitious, self-centered fairy who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. She was Flora, Fauna and Merryweather's apprentice, and serves as one of the antagonists in the series until she reforms in "The Secret Library: Olaf and the Tale of Miss Nettle".



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Role in the CrossoverEdit