Mirage is a little impatient. Armed with a dart rifle, electro-disrupter and the ability to create holograms and turn himself invisible, Mirage is one sneaky robot. When he's not invisible, he can usually be seen with his combat partner, Wheeljack.


Mirage has shown to act as a bit of a loner, it is clear that he holds high expectations to those around him, for those who do not perform at his level of skill do not gain his respect, and has often shown to be a little arrogant and impatient as in the game, he believed that he could handle the mission by himself, even when Optimus advised him that reinforcements would be at the ready, Mirage however firmly stated that he required no assistance this is ironic as Mirage ended up nearly destroyed by Starscream which then required him to call for backup. Nevertheless Mirage has displayed loyalty towards his group in assisting them in whatever way he can.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mirage has demonstrated to possesses great stealth capabilities mainly by using his cloaking Shield to move around undetected through enemy territory, in terms of weaponry he wields two mounted wrist blades on his arms which he displays great proficienty in close combat. He is armed with sniper rifle which he wields with fair accuracy. Mirage has proven to be capable of facing opponents even going against Starscream whom he managed to defeat.

Role in the CrossoverEdit