The Matrix of Leadership
The Matrix of leadership is an artifact of great power, created by the makers of the AllSpark and Cybertron, traditionally carried by the leader of the Autobots. Although its appearance differs slightly from universal stream to universal stream, it generally appears as a glowing crystal sphere encased within a hollow metal shell, with a handle on either side.

By most accounts, its power is also a conduit for the power of Primus, the creator-god of the Transformers, serving as a means of access to the Well of the Great Sparks, the "afterlife" of the Transformer race, through which it can either bestow new Transformer life, or provide its wielder with a means of communicating with the deceased leaders who have come before them. These divine powers put it at the centre of much Autobot religion, spirituality and prophecy; while many Decepticons are less inclined to believe in its divinity, they certainly covet the increased physical power it is known to convey upon its holders, and several have made obtaining the Matrix one of their primary goals. As one of the embodiments of the power of Primus, the Matrix is antithesis to Unicron, and one of the very few things the chaos-bringer fears.

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Created by the Dynasty of Primes, the Matrix of Leadership is required to operate the Star Harvester. It can only be properly utilized by one who shares the lineage of the Primes.

The Matrix of Leadership is an ancient artifact that remains central to Cybertronian society to this very day. An object of great power, it is coveted by all the factions involved in the conflict. In addition to its symbolic significance as a marker of leadership, the Matrix is also the most effective source of new sparks making it the fount of Transformer life.


The Seven Primes had agreed never to use a Star Harvester on a Sun that fed intelligent life. But in 17,000 BC, the Fallen chose to activate it on Earth, for he hated humans, so the other Primes fought him and stole the Matrix. They sealed it away in a tomb made of their own bodies in a secret location.



Matrix of Leadership

The Matrix of Leadership in the War for Cybertron universe

Though Optimus Prime and his Autobots helped purge the Core of Cybertron of the Dark Energon infection, its spark had been corrupted and had to shut itself down completely if it was to survive. For the millions of years that this process would take, Cybertron would be left cold and barren, meaning the Transformers would be forced to take to the stars. However, the Core bestowed a portion of its spark within the Matrix of Leadership to Optimus Prime, leader of the free Autobots. For as long as the Matrix survived, Cybertron's spark would remain.