"This is an unbirthday party"
—Mad Hatter
Mad Hatter
Vital statistics
Title Mad Hatter
Gender Male
Film Alice in Wonderland (1951)
TV Shows N/A
Video Game N/A
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral
Hair Color White Hair
Eye Color N/A
Family N/A
Friends/Allies March Hare, Dormouse, Alice, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Princess Sofia, Rapunzel Corona, Merida DunBroch
Neutral White Rabbit
Rivals N/A
Enemies Queen of Hearts, Card Soldiers, Mandrake, Dagda, King Leonard Mudbeard
Likes Tea, compliments, unbirthday parties, riddles
Dislikes Spoiled parties, mustard, rudeness

Mad Hatter, is Make-up artist and he is a best friend with march hare.


The Mad Hatter is a resident of Wonderland and the best friend of the March Hare, as mentioned above. Together, the two commonly engage in tea parties; most of which are to celebrate their "unbirthdays". While the Hatter is loud, eccentric, and insane like the rest of Wonderland's residents, he's also rather charming, and can be mild-mannered from time to time, particularly when dealing with visitors such as Alice. According to Hatter, he and the March Hare never get compliments on their singing, and they're usually the only attendants at the frequent unbirthday parties, apparently making the duo outcasts in the realm of Wonderland. This is most likely due to their overbearing antics and personas, as well as the fact that they're both, especially the Mad Hatter, troublemakers, albeit innocently so. This could be seen when the Mad Hatter made an attempt to "fix" the White Rabbit's watch. As said before, one of the Mad Hatter's traits include being rather charismatic. He tends to use terms such as "my dear" when referring to Alice, is shown to be courteous, and is overall the warmer side of the duo that is himself and the March Hare, who is far more rambunctious and outspoken.



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