Lewis Robinson
Vital statistics
Title Cornelius Robinson
Gender Male
Film Meet the Robinsons (2007)
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Status Alive
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Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Family Unnamed Mother,

Franny Robinson (wife), Wilbur Robinson (son), Bud Robinson (adoptive father), Lucille Krunklehorn (adoptive mother), Gaston Framagucci (brother-in-law), Art Framagucci (brother-in-law), Fritz Robinson (uncle), Petunia Robinson (aunt), Laszlo Robinson (cousin), Tallulah Robinson (cousin), Joe Robinson (uncle), Billie Robinson (aunt)

Friends/Allies Michael Yagoobian, Mildred, Mr. Willerstein, Lucille, Carl, Lefty
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Enemies DOR-15, Bowler Hat Guy (as an adult until reformed)
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"Take a good look around, Doris.... cause your future is about to change!"
—Lewis Robinson

Lewis, a.k.a. Cornelius Robinson, the future father of Wilbur, is the protagonist of Disney's 2007 feature film Meet the Robinsons.

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