I am calling the police!
Judith (Sing)
Vital statistics
Title Judith
Gender Female
Film Sing (2016)
TV Shows N/A
Video Game N/A
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral, later good
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Family N/A
Friends/Allies N/A
Neutral Buster and his friends (formerly)
Rivals N/A
Enemies N/A
Likes N/A
Dislikes Late payments
Judith is a female brown llama who is the (former) secondary antagonist in Sing. She works for SFJ Bank.


Judith is a anthropomorphic brown llama with a black top tight long sleeved shirt and a light blue tall skirt and red framed glasses. She also wears high healed boots.


While Judith's behavior and actions made her antagonistic toward Buster and his friends, she is merely doing her job.

Role in the CrossoverEdit