Judge Peckinpah
ABMovie Judge Peckinpah-Short
Vital statistics
Title Judge Peckinpah
Gender Male
Film The Angry Birds Movie (2016)
TV Shows N/A
Video Game N/A
Status Alive
Alignment Neutral, later good
Hair Color Purple and white
Eye Color White blue
Family N/A
Friends/Allies Cyrus
Neutral Red (formerly)
Rivals N/A
Enemies King Leonard Mudbeard, Ross, Bad Piggies
Likes Happy birds, loving, playing
Dislikes Red getting trouble
Judge Peckinpah is an anti-hero turned supporting character in The Angry Birds Movie. Although not necessarily evil, but it's his neutral and bossy way of disliking Red due to his anger issue and continuing to not listen to him, not even everyone around Bird Village. But when realizing that Leonard and the minion pigs took out their Bird village and stole their eggs, he began to feel guilty for not listening to Red, so therefore, unlike Leonard and the minion pigs, he is actually an anti-hero rather than a villain. He is also an owl who is standing on another bird name Cyrus to hide his true size.



Judge Peckinpah loves the sound of his own voice, holding court (even though he is not actually in court), and sentencing birds to anger management classes at the Infinity Acceptance Center (Matilda's house). He can be seen strutting around Bird Village like he owns the place. The judge is so small that underneath his robes, he stands on the shoulders of another bird, Cyrus. But every bird knows the truth, so he's not fooling any of the citizens. Judge Peckinpah believes he's the one answering a higher calling, one that requires a higher perch on Cyrus' shoulders!

Role in the CrossoverEdit