This show is not gonna save your theater! Maybe it's time to just move on.
Eddie (Sing)
Vital statistics
Title Eddie
Gender Male
Film Sing (2016)
TV Shows N/A
Video Game N/A
Status Alive
Alignment Good
Hair Color White
Eye Color Brown
Family Unnamed parents
Nana Noodleman (maternal grandmother)
Friends/Allies Buster Moon
Neutral N/A
Rivals N/A
Enemies N/A
Likes Playing video games
Dislikes Taking out the recycling, mowing the lawn, visiting his Nana, cleaning the pool
Eddie is a male Suffolk sheep who is one of the four tritagonists of the movie Sing. His personality is traitorous, impatient, egocentric, grumpy, stubborn, cranky, sarcastic and ill-tempered. His personality at the end of the film is loving, friendly, selfless, caring, positive, honest, energetic, intelligent, resourceful and heroic.


Eddie is an anthropomorphic white Suffolk sheep. He has brown eyes and small teeth that are not visible. His face is covered in dark gray fur, and the rest of his fleece is white. He wears a yellow sleeveless shirt and a red jacket with orange pants. He also wears black sandals with white socks.


As seen from the trailers, he is seemingly the opposite to Buster Moon's optimistic outlook and doubtful about the future of his best friend's theater. He tends to be lazy and likes to lie around, play video games and eat junk food. He generally doesn't like having to visit his Nana as she is usually mean to him.

Despite trying to bring Buster back down to earth and being ignored or his realistic perspective disregarded, Eddie shows true loyalty to his friend by helping him with his short-lived car washing business, and even helps in setting up a makeshift open-air theater so Buster and his singers have a place to perform. Under Meena's tutelage Eddie becomes a competent stagehand and also works the lights and sound effects, enjoying the headphones that come with the job.

Role in the CrossoverEdit