We had a little skirmish with the Leafmen this morning. A rat got into the crossfires, so I got a new coat. It's just like yours!

Dagda was the General of the Boggans. He was killed during the assassination attempt on Queen Tara after being shot with an arrow to the chest by Ronin. He was also the son of Mandrake.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Not unlike his father, Dagda was a massive of a brute, incredibly muscular. He had a human-like build. He had no eyebrows and had slightly larger human-like golden eyes. He had a cat-like/human-like nose and a fairly large human-like mouth, but with velociraptor-like teeth. Like his father, he had four digits on his hands and his feet. Although, his hands were human-like, his feet were reptile-like. His skin was blue-red and scaly. He wore a rat skull on his head, a rat skin pelt around his shoulders and his waist that came from a rat he killed single-handedly. He also wore a dark brown wristband around his left wrist, a dark black rotting moss over his chest and a green/dark grey belt around his waist.


Like his father, Dagda was fearless, confident and sadistic, but was also passionate and loyal. He idolised Mandrake since a young age, but was careful not to anger him. Dagda had always obeyed his father's orders without question or disagreement and had always tried to meet his expectations. However, the determination to not want to disappoint him eventually cost him his life.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Like his boggan bretheren, Dagda was skilled at archery, seen weilding a bow and arrows laced with the power of rot, being able to kill Queen Tara with one before he was killed.

Role in the CrossoverEdit